Graphic Design Trends in 2024

As 2024 unfolds, new graphic design trends are shaping the visual landscape, blending nostalgia with modern innovation. Here are the top 10 trends businesses should watch out for:

1. 3D Type and Bubble Text

Playful and engaging, 3D typography, especially bubble text, adds depth and a sense of fun to designs. This trend is perfect for brands aiming to create a memorable and joyful impression.

2. Color Clashing

Bold, contrasting colors are becoming essential to meet accessibility standards while making visuals vibrant and attention-grabbing. This trend ensures that designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also inclusive.

3. Curve Smoothing

The “squircle” (a blend of square and circle) trend creates softer, more approachable designs. This trend is popular in UI/UX design, providing a modern and friendly user experience.

4. ’70s Nostalgia

2024 is expected to see a resurgence of popular ‘60s and ‘70s styles in graphic design, including faded color palettes, and retro stripes, checkers, florals, and other funky patterns that scream “the golden years.” With 2023 having been a big year for technological advancements in AI, it’s time to take things back to a simpler time with some inspiration from the past.

5. Vintage Minimalism

In a similar nod to years long gone, vintage minimalism is another style we’re expecting to see a lot more of in 2024 — perhaps again as a way to strip things back and pay homage to a different time. This trend is all about retaining the bare bones of your designs and using vintage color palettes to create simple yet striking designs.

  • Minimalism 2.0: Building on the minimalist movement, this trend takes a more refined and intentional approach. Clean lines, ample negative space, and a focus on typography create a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that allows the content to shine.

  • Maximalism: On the opposite end of the spectrum, maximalism celebrates bold, vibrant, and unapologetically extra designs. Layered patterns, clashing colors, and intricate details create a visually striking and memorable experience.

6. Anti-Design

Characterized by a rebellious mix of fonts, overlapping text, and unconventional layouts, anti-design creates bold, non-conformist visuals. This trend is perfect for brands looking to make a strong, edgy statement. It may contain some images or colors but there won’t have too much graphics

7. Abstract Gradients and Color Transitions

Punchy gradients and smooth color transitions add a modern and dynamic touch to designs. They are widely used in digital media to create eye-catching backgrounds and visuals.

8. Texture

Incorporating textures into design, including typography, enhances the tactile and immersive quality of visuals. This trend is gaining popularity in both digital and print media. It creates positive vibes and attracts more customers. A unique texture can add a vibe to a brand as an original product.

9. Geometry

Geometric shapes and patterns bring order and modern aesthetics to designs. This trend is favored for its ability to create clean, structured, and visually appealing compositions.

10. Illustration and Logo Mascots

2024 is going to see a big rise in the illustrated logo mascot, especially for those in the food/beverage industry, but also across other industries such as arts and crafts and even tech. Logo mascots are a smart way to make your brand seem less intimidating and more human. We predict that many businesses will be leaning into the advantages of the logo mascot in the coming year as a result.

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